A scientist is a student for life.
This edition of the NCBS annual report is dedicated to students and learning. I worked closely with Uma Ramakrishnan and Sonal Katyal (NCBS) on this project and we picked an illustrative approach showcasing the different aspects of the life of a research student. 

A scientist is a student for life. Along their journey as a PhD student at NCBS, they spend a significant amount of time reading and learning, conducting research and experiments, analyzing data, writing reports and papers, and collaborating with other scientists to find solutions to the complex mysteries that surround us. Their passion for their work is infectious and that’s the energy you feel being at NCBS. They can also be seen enjoying the beautiful nature that the NCBS campus offers - out for a walk, discussing science with the PIs, or just having a cup of coffee in their favourite corner. They are eager to bridge the gap between science and the general public, participating in initiatives and events that help increase awareness and spread knowledge. While science and academia are a major part of their lives, they also know how to maintain a balance with more relaxing activities and can be seen participating in dance, music, theatre, and book clubs, playing a variety of indoor and outdoor sports including cricket, frisbee, volleyball, foosball, carrom, etc. 

These various facets of their lives are illustrated on the front and back covers of the report and also extended to the inner pages where they make appearances in between. In keeping with the overall design theme of the report, we have used faculty sketches instead of photographs, and these were done by the very talented Alissa Barnes (NCBS).

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