This year, the NCBS Annual Report focuses on how the institute has been a catalyst in the genesis of various out-of-the-box initiatives (like BLiSC, NCBS Archives, IndiaBioscience, and more). The cover design abstractly illustrates this idea of catalysis using circles, where the addition of the catalytic agent (green circle coming together with the purple one) results in a sped-up reaction (shown as the dotted, expanding system of concentric circles), leading to the origination of new initiatives (shown as the multiple, smaller circles around). Extending this theme throughout the report, we have utilized circular shapes as design elements to illustrate the various research domains of NCBS and all other sections as well. It was a wonderful experience working with Uma Ramakrishnan, Rupsy Khurana, and Ipsita Herlekar from the NCBS Communications Office, their input and support were a big help throughout. A special mention here of Rupsy for the faculty illustrations which beautifully complement and elevate the look of the report.

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